Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's all good!

I got off track with a couple of the previous posts and then got distracted during my birthday “week”. So much has been going on that I don’t know where to start and it would take days of writing to explain. Since time is precious (and we all have a bit of a short attention span) I will present to you some bullet points of my adventures.
New Coffee Date

·         I chatted back and forth with a guy I will call the “wine guy”
·         He was very intelligent, witty, quick and a little sarcastic
·         Met him for a walk on the beach at sunset - I know, it sounds a bit cliché to most but the west coast of Florida is beautiful and the sunsets can leave you breathless
·         He brought wine and we enjoyed it as we strolled
·         Sat on a lifeguard tower for a couple of hours talking and laughing
·         He helped me stay warm
·         Agreed to a second date

Update – The Trucker
·         Saw the trucker a second time
·         Laughed my ass off!! He is hysterical! He also has a very sensitive side
·         Tried to help him study and failed
·         Realized that if I had to take the GED test, I would never get a diploma
·         Made me admire him more
·         Also realized that he and I are A LOT alike
·         Got freaked out, REALLY freaked out and cancelled plans with him on his birthday (yes, I was a jerk!) - not ready to get that involved yet
·         He called, I ignored (again, I was a real jerk). I sent him a text trying to explain (I am a jerk AND a coward!)

Update – The Harley Man
·         I adore him and will continue to see him for as long as he will allow
·         He is one of the truest people I have met in a long time
·         Will say no more about him, keeping it to myself (sorry!)
The Wine Guy – Second Date

·         I went to the wrong place to meet him (idiot!) so I was late
·         Drove out of town to a club on the beach
·         Grabbed a couple of beers and walked the beach while we waited for a table
·         He talked about his family and friends – very obvious he is more than devoted to them
·         Great meal – He works with food and encouraged me to try different tastes at the same time
·         Danced to “Tupelo Honey”, couple dancing next to us got engaged at the end of the song
·         Left the beautiful club and went to a true dive bar…the beer was cold and the band was hot
·         Actually danced (my apologies to all the patrons of the bar)
·          That dancing cost me a third date
·         To understand why please see my blogging sister’s latest post….There is a very defective gene in our family!

It’s All Good!

I have recently become great friends with a friend of the Harley Man (from here forward he will be known as FOHM). FOHM has a great outlook on life in spite of all the crap he has gone through. He has recently retired to Florida and has fallen in love with it. He makes the most of this beautiful location by frequenting the beach, working on his tan, walking the bridge and living every day to its fullest. He loves his beer and mac-n-cheese and has been known on occasion to share a big plate of french fries with yours truly. His favorite saying?? “It’s all good”.

You know what? It IS all good! With everything that has transpired in my life over the past year, things are finally good. I went from pure bliss to devastation and never thought I would feel joy again. With the help of the Blue Haired Boy, my incredible family up North (who seem to have a knack for knowing when to apply lots of smothering love) and some great friends I am finally finding that joy.

Through coffee dating and opening myself up to people I would not have looked twice at before, I have met good people and made some amazing friends. I have done things I never imagined myself doing -  like riding on a Harley, eating and liking seafood, dancing, living on my own and wearing leggings with boots and a short skirt! I am actually getting comfortable in my own skin. I still have moments when I grieve for my previous life but that’s okay because the joy is finally overtaking that grief.

I am coming into my own at the age of 45 and you know what? It really is all good!!

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  1. Great post Annie! Lots of relief to know you are in a better place! Rock those boots sister, and keep having fun for both of us, k?