Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2011 - The Cliff Notes/Facebook Version

 January – Happy New Year; 4th Wedding Anniversary and still delirious with love; Family visiting; house on the market; puppies growing fast.
Facebook quotes January:
The house feels soooo empty. I miss Rose and Jerry!”, “My husband should be canonized a saint for living with me voluntarily for so long....Happy Anniversary babe!!!” 

 February – House still on market; a birthday; beautiful weather; beautiful life

Facebook quotes February:

“Happy Birthday to my "old man".....I love you Pete!!”, “My life is now complete!!! Sweet mother of God...I have found true happiness - I will create a vegan version of this! (in response to Oreo stuffed choc chip cookies)”
March – Puppies getting big so it’s time to get them fixed; showing the house a lot; looking for a rental; happy times coming once we get this burden off our shoulders; niece coming back in May

Facebook quotes March:
“Hot guy getting a pedicure right next to me in the salon....i am not sure how l feel about this!”, “Harley in his tighty whities”
April –Potential buyer; Pete working a lot; tons of stress; lots of packing; pups are huge; working on bettering our lives; leave of absence for Pete
Facebook quotes April
“My husband is the bravest person I know.....Love you babe!”, “Finally some good news.....”

May –House sold; more packing; found a rental; Pete still very stressed; niece here for a visit; ER for Pete, just anxiety but something feels wrong; moving day (thank you niece!); Blue Haired Boys birthday – he gets lost; in new place for 2 days and the world comes crashing down around me; 20 years over in 20 seconds; unbelievable sadness

Facebook quotes May
“Can someone tell me what time the rapture is?? I want to get a pedicure just in case the "judgment" applies to the state of my toes”,“closing=relief”, “Don’t remember the last time i was this sad.....”; “Feeling hopeful….”

June –Utter chaos and turmoil; roller coaster ride; dental work; pain pain pain; counseling; confessions; Pete tells me loves me and wants it to work; does not try

Facebook quotes June
“I make such a good statistic, someone should study me now...”, “How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes I struggle to find any truth in your lies”, “How did I end up here??”

July –Last ditch effort; no success; Pete tells me he doesn’t love me anymore and hasn’t for a while; ask for divorce; paperwork filed; we are now roommates; move to guest room; need to move out; he wants to be friends; I don’t

Facebook quotes July
“how did this happen?”, “OK, I'm going off Facebook for a while.....It's a little too easy to air dirty laundry and I do not want to be that person. Ta ta for now.....” It is amazing to me how cruel some people are....” Came home to see the "for rent" sign on the house.....not sure how I feel”, “soooo tired! I don't know how much longer I can keep this up!”, “Feeling really sad tonight.....where did my inner strong chick go?? She needs to get her ass back here now”

August –Tore two ligaments day before moving out, moved out of old place and into new place in 4 hours (thank you Blue Haired Boy), scared, lonely, tired and angry; setting up house; telling myself and everyone else that I am ok (but I am not), Pete is “in love” and “happy for the first time in his life” – OUCH!; Insomnia; haven’t slept in weeks; all rational thinking is gone; major meltdown; cry for DAYS; support from the Blue Haired Boy, the Red Head and family gets me through; niece in town; feeling not so scared
Facebook quotes August
“Time to move again! Hope my elephant foot cooperates.....”, “ what??”, “Dear insomnia, F@#K YOU!”, “Easing my pain one vegan chocolate cupcake at a time..”,“When does it get easier”
September– New outlook; niece is here – thank God for her silliness, love and kindness; new tattoo; feeling a bit raw and exposed; feeling strangely calm; feeling ready for something; family is amazing – buy me a ticket home; court date set; it’s really happening

Facebook quotes September
“Family time = love and laughs!”, “Nobody puts baby in a corner!”, “My family rocks!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I will see you all soon”, “Feeling a little blue tonight so take out from Mi Pueblo and a really bad scary with Ben Spooner to chase those blues away....”, “Smile pretty and watch your back....”, “Here we go again....just once I would like to get screwed and actually enjoy it...”

October –D-day; Sad but hopeful; Thank you Rose – you kicked me in the ass when I needed it and offered a shoulder to cry on; moving forward; dating – really; Visiting family – much needed smothering, overwhelming and beautiful love; cry on the plane heading home to FLA

Facebook quotes October
“How long till my soul gets it right Can any human being ever reach that kind of light”,“Do you think it's ok to wear a red dress to my divorce hearing?”, “Aaaand done”, “Worst. Date. Ever.”, “Family and friends....sooo good for the soul”

November– Stronger but still a little scared; dating is strange, weird and fun – think I’ll write about it, a beautiful surprise in a leather vest; opening up to people – expanding my world; a great ride; a perfect kiss; a perfect gentleman; lots of tears on Thanksgiving – then lots of food, wine, love and laughs with the Blue Haired Boy; more rides; more bad dates; more rides; meet the trucker; life is feeling ok; it’s all good

Facebook quotes November
“Just spent 30 minutes doing my hair and then realized i will be spending the next couple of hours on the back of a Harley!!”, “Me + 4 hours sleep equals a very tired and happy Anne”, “That's right bitch, I eat my vegan cupcake with a spoon!! No frosting will be left behind”, “Ok folks, I am going to try my hand at this blogging thing. Be kind!”, “Had an amazing time with Harley man!”, “Ben is thankful for the following: beer, his mom, shorts in November and turkey”

December– 45th Birthday – Oh shit!, buy a mini skirt and leggings – rock them with boots on my birthday; birthday surprise; vegan chocolate cake; bacon; earrings; more dates – some actually good; Harley Man; Christmas becomes just another day; hot tubs; football; kind eyes and good hands; it’s gonna be ok!

Facebook quotes December
“Bacon....nuff said”, “Less than 10 hours left of being 44! Eeeeek!!”, “This is what 45 looks like!”, “all i need is my leather,
one t-shirt and two socks, i'll keep my hands warm in your pockets and we can use the engine block”, “Football with friends.....nuff said”, “Christmas, Florida
style.... — with Ben Spooner.”, “Finally getting to spend some time with an old's been too long!!!”, “Well the night's bustin' open, these two lanes will take us anywhere We got one last chance to make it real To trade in these wings on some wheels Climb in back, heaven's waiting down on the tracks”

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