Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RGG – Date #2, Plus Some Other Stuff

RGG (Really Great Guy), Date #2

I had a fantastic “coffee date” with RGG and we agreed to go out again. This time we meet at a place that’s kind of “off the beaten path”. It’s a great casual restaurant on the water that is very easy to miss if you didn’t know it was there. I arrive on time and see that RGG is already at the bar and is engaged in conversation with the bartender. This is good – It gives me a chance to watch him talking to someone else. As I have said previously, I find that watching how someone interacts with other people can give you good insight into the kind of person they are. So for a few seconds I observe…..He is VERY charming and witty! The bartender is laughing at things he says and he is giving her his full attention. I think to myself “Wow, she seems to be enjoying their chat…Oh look, she is flipping her hair back when she laughs….Shit!!! I need to stop watching and get to the bar before I lose my date!!”
I saunter over to the bar (okay, I walk REALLY fast) and say hello. RGG smiles warmly and kisses my cheek (nice!). I order a beer and the date starts. Once again we fall easily into conversation. We share small bits and pieces of our respective marriages and their demise. I know, you are not supposed to bring things like that up on an early date but I think we are both at an age where past relationships are not a threat. Nor are they something to feel shame or embarrassment over. The past is how learn what we did wrong and (more importantly) what to do right.
The relationship talk segues into a chat about our families. I am thrilled to find out that he finds his family to be as crazy, overwhelming and amazing as I do mine! We swap some embarrassing childhood stories and laugh at how cool we thought we were when we were in our teens.

He then tells me he wants to take me to a  fairly exclusive beach club where his brother works. We can have a  “fancy” cocktail and maybe some food. I agree but am a bit reluctant because the “look” I chose for the date is a cross between “young bohemian” and “old hippie”! I am wearing jeans and a sheer flowy tunic with a a pair of beat up brown boots and bit of funky silver jewelry – not really “exclusive beach club” attire.
RGG assures me that I look fine, so  off we go.
We arrive at the club and “valet” his car. As we are walking up to the door we are chuckling about a Seinfeld episode which causes me to share my complete inability to “find the beat” when I dance. He asks me if it is as bad as Elaine’s dancing on Seinfeld and I tell him that it’s worse. I also tell him that this “affliction” seems to have attacked my sister as well. At this point we are laughing quite loud and don’t realize that we are now inside the club and being eyeballed by the staff at the front desk.

We manage to compose ourselves long enough to inform the maitre’d that we will be “retiring to the bar”. RGG also asks to see the manager who, it turns out, is his brother.
At the bar I order a “fancy” Lemon Drop Martini (Grey Goose of course) and RGG orders a “fancy” Gin and Tonic. We are given a menu which I lose total interest in because I have spotted a bowl of “fancy” nuts on the bar. As I look around this magnificent club which SCREAMS luxury, upper class and proper etiquette I suddenly get the giggles! I feel so out of place and SOOO middle class! What do I do? I turn to RGG and tell him exactly how I feel. He, being the really great guy he is, tells a totally tasteless joke. This, of course, brings out the “power laugh”.
The term “power laugh” is used by a good friend of mine to describe the type of laughter than can be heard miles away and can rupture the eardrums of anyone within a 50 foot radius. Of course the entire club is now staring at me as well as RGG’s brother who has chosen this moment to greet us – I always make such a great impression!!!
Luckily his brother has a sense of humor and chooses NOT to have me escorted from the place. We spend a few minutes chatting and it is easy to see that they are typical brothers. They alternate between insulting each other and singing each others praises. The genuine warmth between them is refreshing.
The brother needs to get back to work and RGG suggests that we take a walk by the pool to the private beach. It is another typically beautiful Florida evening. The air is filled with the scent of the ocean and the palm trees leading to the beach. The sound of waves breaking along with the balmy breeze relax and invigorate me all at once. I realize that RGG is uncharacteristically quiet. I am about to ask him if he is okay when he leans close and says softly “I’d like to kiss you”. Well…..who am I to say “no”!
RGG gives me a ride back to the lot where I left my car. Before I get out, he leans over to kiss me “good night”. The good night kiss leads into a sweet make out session that brings me back to my teenage years! We finally part ways and I smile all the way home. Will there be a third date??
Some Other Stuff #1
A lot of people have asked me if my blog is in “real time” and if it is in chronological order. The answer to both is “not really”.
I don’t rush home after a date and write up a post. I keep a pad and pen by my bed and scratch out a few notes when I get home. I also will take the opportunity, when my date goes to the restroom, to write things on the back of receipts and cocktail napkins. I will even run to the ladies room, call my own number and leave myself a voicemail if there is something I want to make sure I don’t forget.
Once a week (give or take) I will gather my notes and try to make some kind of sense of them.  I don’t like to post too quickly after a date. Taking a little time between the actual date and writing about it gives me some perspective. I can get a little “giddy” right after a good date only to realize as I am writing that the funny  comment he made (for example) about my laugh being “un-ladylike” was not funny, it was just mean!
Also, even though I started this blog as an outlet for my “adventures in dating”, I do have other things going on in my life and at times feel the need to write it down.
As for “chronological order”…..It depends on my mood. I just choose the notes that I feel like deciphering. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll pick something silly – If I’m down or blue, I’ll choose something more reflective. They could be notes from 4 days ago or 2 weeks ago. So when someone says “you had 3 dates this week? Wow!!”, I have to tell them that those dates occurred over the course of weeks.
Some Other Stuff #2
Here are some answers to other questions I have been asked…
Yes – These dates are all real.
No – I have NOT had sex with all of them!
Yes – I HAVE had sex (Sorry Mom!!)
Yes – I still see the “Harley Man”.
Yes – He knows about my blog but has no desire to read it.
No – I am not looking for someone to “take care of me”!
Yes – I do want to “settle down” someday.
Yes – I have been stood up a few times.
No – I don’t call and bitch at them. Not worth the effort.
I don’t know – In response to “how long will you keep this up”.

Happy Fishing!

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